“Amor verus numquam moritur: True love never dies”

"Dance the pas de deux of the life."

"This world is cruel, but very beautiful."

"There's no logic in your sadness."

Here's a Hetalia one!Happy Earth Day!


Here's a Hetalia one!
Happy Earth Day!

You can take away my suits, you can take away my home, but there’s one thing you can never take away from me: I am Iron Man.

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I prayed to the Hero-King for a small part of the strength he used to save the world. But I need this subterfuge no longer. I choose to fight as Lucina now. The name that reminds me of the strength in the man and woman who chose it.
                                       Happy Birthday Lucina



atla scribbles. Appa is my fave hhhh

These are really charming!

Hirosaki Castle in Spring. Japan - (By Glenn Waters)

Hirosaki Castle in Spring. Japan - (By Glenn Waters)

Hetalia : The Beautiful world!

"Ah, while your name is unfamiliar to me, Link…  I’ve seen your face in my dreams of late.  For I’ve dreamt of a hero locked in battle with a  terrible evil."  


the fourth album we never got.

this is completely fan made!


how do fourteen year olds get pregnant, I can’t even get a high five from a guy

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